Rustic Home Exterior And Cool Interior In Portland

This beautiful home sits in the wonderful city of Portland, in the United States. The residence was a project by Malcolm Brooks Architects and it features a unique and interesting combination of styles. The main elements that characterize this house are the slanted roofs that usually have flat roofs and the shape is particularly interesting. The slanted roofs give the house a unique and unusual look and on top of that , they also form a shade which dapples easily through the seasons.

The owners wanted to have a stylish and elegant home and they were tight on the resources so the architects had to be creative when designing the house and the hard part took some time. The finishing touches were in order to bring all those elements together and to give the house an original look. The house is elevated from the street on stilts and is surrounded by beautiful palms.

The interior is very open and bright. The floors are made of stained concrete, all the walls are white and all the walls have glass openings that allow views over the tree canopies. The interior and exterior are mainly minimalist so the furniture used is only minimalistic and in black, in order to create a contrast with the red lacquered walls.

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