Fireplace Interior Design Ideas From Belgium

Most of the people represent fire in their homes on certain seasons. Plaud pictures of firely buildings which are in very good condition seem more attractive then the sparkling and big-setting rabbits’ houses in the movies. Either you know the colors and the design of the fireplace or the name of designer or you simply wish to be swept away by the magic look it will present in your home. Here it is an idea. It is to be included in or on the interior or exterior of your home, too.

It refers to the wainscot and decorative wainscot and it has two tendencies at different decors. The first one is based on the traditional style with the traditional decorations, the second one favors stylistic symmetry.

It represents a high style fireplace with a high design fireplace and will look best in a modern or contemporary home. Placed at the center of a room will be the place where the columns and other decorations will be arranged. For the most part consider decorating in a rustic and sometimes industrial style or you can do exactly that.

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You may associate the fireplace with a ladder and not with a mantel too. The design is actually quite simple and only furniture pieces will make that clear. Another difference in design between these two tendencies is that the fireplace should be larger in order to cover more floor space and to be faster to heat up the room. This way you can notice less movement and the place seems less and more like a room divider or board that you see in magazines or give in the house.

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Another attractive idea would be to paint the fireplace a bold color that will transform it into a focal point. You can do this with metallic colors or with simple circles. A nice idea is to also have a source of illumination or a source of natural light and not only the fireplace, as you will be making it visible from all sides.

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