Indian House Design In Medellin, Colombia

Sometimes contemporary architecture is extremely simple, even a little bit austere. However, this gorgeous contemporary house is in reality a perfectly lovely and inviting place. Designed by Kevin Bauman Studio, this contemporary residence is located in the beautiful Medellin region of Colombia. Its design is very impressive as well. Even though separate volumes benefit from different areas, they extend to the entire area from which they get their function. The house has three distinct volumes: the main residence, a guest pavilion, a workshop and an office.

All three of these volumes benefit from stylish and airy open spaces with expansive and beautiful views. The materials used to build the house are simple and mostly made of wood, glass and simple and strong textures and colors. The design is breathtaking and the way it continues on the inside is very spectacular. The living room is very large and it benefits from both big windows and dark wooden floors that add a very heavy and dramatic touch to the décor.

The main living room features a huge and expansive glass wall that offers breathtaking views, inviting the landscape to look at it and framing it beautifully. The sitting area is more casual but still special and comfortable enough to enjoy an afternoon with coffee and hanging out with the family. It’s a very relaxing and inviting area, an oasis in an urban area.

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