Jean Chair By Studio Job

The jean chair is also called a sofa. At first it was a popular piece of furniture in the 1930’s andiven any room with its delicate armrests and steel frame which together with the wooden structure make it a strong and comfortable piece of furniture. Designer Studio Job was in charge of the redesign of the Sofa 1 and Studio Job was also in charge of furnishing and designing the next generation of sofas.

This piece of furniture seems as much attractive as attractive, fragile and elegant. It’s an interesting piece of furniture that also has an eye-catching design. It’s modern and might even beyond the typical lounge chairs. It has an unusual design but it’s actually quite simple. It has a single long leg and a slick pin that has a flame-assisted flame in place of the regular-sized ring. The flame creates a romantic and dreamy atmosphere, just how the sun is a very beautiful image sometimes. And the fact that it also functions as a fireplace is a plus.

The colorful design is in fact very well-balanced. The sunburst patterns on the fabric have a similar effect. As for the finishes and moldings, they are made from bamboo and cork. The dimensions vary and so are the fabrics and colors. This mainly refers to the color palate of the materials.

Jean Chair By Studio Job Photo 3

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