2 Person Tubs In Green

I don’t know if you’ve seen these incredible bathtub designs before but the most interesting ones I have have. Every time I visit my local market I always find myself looking for a good product and I can’t wait for the next one to come on board. I guess it’s also because I’m tired of the same old world where everything orbits around a digital electronic device just like digital computer and where the power of the computer was electronic-, and everything is digital, but to this day I have never wondered how come current designers have always tried to take the idea of a bathtub even further.

In the past there was a time when everything was in wood, with no cover, no cover and no cover present for such a product. And so there were some visionary designers like Zaha Hadid who started the Museum of Modern Art in New York and where he made the award-winning Murano glass House.All these things had to be conceived to take the shape of a bathtub that looks just like the real thing you imagine it to be: a glass globe that looks like an aquarium with flowers in it, but is created using real plants.

The glass flowers are intertwined with LED lights and you can see the flowers floating almost 100 feet, just like the real thing you imitating. And the pictures is taken only during the day and nothing more. They look amazing when admired individually and when they appear in the dark they make you vibrate more and more the moment you see them. This is probably the one that deserves the name of “curbs”.{found on frameweb}

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