Free Standing Bar Counter Made From Recycled Parts Of The Building

If you’re going to have breakfast, you probably also know how great it can be to do that in style. But it seems like it’s not that often that you get to see a bar counter like the one from Soho. It’s called the free standing bar counter and it’s actually a great representation of the concept that we have in mind.

The bar has a solid and sturdy structure and a simple design that showcases that more than just looks. The reclaimed wood material was then painted and covered with it. After this the counter was born. It has a dark finish, very much in sync with the rest of the kitchen. The bar is a representation of the overall décor of the kitchen and it’s also a representation of the style that has dominated the interior from a very early moment. The unique elements have become the core of the project. Overall, the bar counter is a very good representation of the kitchen.

The central station of the restaurant is a very solid and solid space. It’s a place where barbecues usually used to be and barbeque spaces are usually found. The wood key elements were used for the countertop and the wooden countertop areas became the elements that define the bar area. Even though it’s a very tall space it doesn’t feel crowded and instead of feeling cold and impersonal it is welcoming and chic. The atmosphere in here is very pleasant and seems to be very much in sync with nature.

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