Modern Kitchen Layout From Minacciolo

If you like the idea of modern, but friendly interiors, there’s a nice way to make your home integrate better into the landscape and you can explore all kinds of design options. Modern kitchens are not always based on simple models and include appliances and fixtures with extreme simplicity. The Minacciolo designers have come up with a stunning combination.

This design features a traditional look and also a timeless elegance which you can almost image in most modern and contemporary kitchens. There are several important details which the designers adopt in order to make this kitchen both user-friendly and ergonomic: the hood above the window, the arm wall decoration and the countertops.

This kitchen is not particularly modern but it has all the elements just perfectly rated for a home. The simplicity of the design makes the atmosphere simple, pleasant and inviting. Add to that the functionality and the chic look of the kitchen, and you get the perfect home for the family.

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