Industrial Kitchen Decor With A Wine Rack And Rack

Cabinets are always practical and not only in the modern homes. There’s plenty of space in these rooms and the racks can be easily integrated in the decor. There are lots of ways in which the wine racks can serve as storage features. For example, the kitchen sometimes could very well be built around such an element in its design. Making it feel like a natural extension of the window treatments is a beautiful idea.But let’s talk a little more about the wine racks. This is a really old structure that got an update. It’s a residential kitchen that was renovated in 2010.

It’s very simple but the style looks wonderful in combination with the modern furniture. The whole room actually seems cozy. There’s a cozy bed sitting on a wooden floor, some long cabinet doors and plenty of storage space as well. The floor is the only exposed area. Wood was used for the door panels and some of the walls feature a panel attached to a shutter. The furniture is minimalist and modern. The kitchen is actually very small but, even so, it doesn’t seem cluttered. There’s plenty of storage inside the long wooden pieces that have different shapes and sizes. Wallpaper was used for some of the walls and the doors were attached to the wall just like we see here. It’s a very nice idea. It basically helps create a more modern atmosphere and also gives the residence a more casual and informal look.{found on archdaily}

Industrial Kitchen Decor With A Wine Rack And Rack Photo 2

Industrial Kitchen Decor With A Wine Rack And Rack Photo 3

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