Wall Puzzle House In Sicily, Italy

This exquisite art studio is located in Ocoia, a small town located in the southern coast of Sicily, Italy. The house dates back to the 17th century and it was designed by disappear and sculptor Andrea Baselli. Inside the structure we can find a series of typical works of art.

The walls from the art studios could even be considered works of art during the renovation and construction of the residence. It now looks quite modern and creative. The idea was to create a space purely for art galleries but also a private home where the owners could host guests and where they could also feel comfortable.

Wall Puzzle House In Sicily, Italy Photo 2

The owner requested accommodations for the main home and the guest suites that are mostly flexible and expandable. The architecture of the building is particularly interesting. The angled façades and the sharp and smooth lines are definitely not something you’ll find on any traditional art studio. The building is wrapped in wood and only an eye-catching painting is visible. The angled walls give the building a modern look, especially when considered in relation with the gardens surrounding the place.

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