Built In Bookcases Design By HU}

The next bookcase is a nice and more unconventional option. It is definitely not an unconventional piece of furniture. However, it has an obvious modern appeal, which makes it particularly appealing. Built upon a large base, this bookcase also serves as an exhibit space, so it manages to gain additional space when not in use. Still, the large dimensions of this bookcase lend it a decorative aspect that stimulates the perception of the space.

The unit has its own storage space, incorporated into the design of the compartments. An entire wall can be used as a display area. Besides books, boxes and other objects, the designer placed on the walls a small machine which creates a modular display in the shape of a dog. No screws were used in order to prevent the wall from being damaged. The entire bookcase has its place , thanks to the well-placed screws.

The designer places the modular display on the ground and makes it look like a small sofa. The way the user creates his own design, arrange it and looks out onto the world and the people they have chosen, it creates a special atmosphere every time. The bookcase was built in the middle of the think factory, to take advantage of the space you have available. The entire piece is a one-of-a-kind item. An alternative to bookcases, it incorporated storage spaces.

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