Beach Style Homes – Luxury And Comfort Combined In One

The name, V-5, refer to the two different types of homes. It;s an elegant and minimalist style that can be easily combined to either the outdoor home or the indoor space. These two styles are perceived as being alike and they are used for very different purposes.

Today we’re going to take a look at a beach style house located in Mallorca, Spain. It was designed by Dimitris Arquitectura and created there as a vacation house. The house is entirely built of wood and has a casual and warm look. It was designed as a link between the sea and the coastal areas.

The design is inspired by the traditional Spanish summer houses but also by the modern architectural style. The facades are covered with square building di crime, with gold and olive and delicate granite. The house is not just beautiful but also sustainable. It features a total of four bedrooms and three bathrooms. In addition, the house also has a fifth bedroom and a workspace.

As for the interior, all the bedrooms present three en-suite bathrooms, modern furniture and chic accessories and accent details. The overall modern look is also a modern and playful one. Each room has a different color. The house also has a seven-meter pool surrounded by greenery. The interior is bright and open. The ground floor includes the living room, the dining area, a double room and the kitchen. The first floor has three bedroom suites, a ground-floor lounge area, the study and a double bedroom wing with a bathroom.

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