Decorative Pipe Lights

Light fixtures are very important for sparkling gardens and other interior decorations because they get more and more beautiful as you get to have a garden, to have a beautiful interior with flowers, trees and some other features. You’ll probably also want to use these decorative lights to decorate your home, garden or any other place that needs a brightening touch. It’s not too much of aressing job though. These decorative lights will add color for their effect.

There are two designs for this type of lights: long cylindrical lights made of natural rattan and round lights made of bamboo. They seem to be linked together just like the conical balls on the moon that seem to float in the air.

The 72 lights are a good size for the space you want to illuminate and they are available in six different colors: red, green, yellow, purple and lavender. Each of them is 160 lumens and they feature LED technology that allows you to change the brightness of the lights. They are compatible with 60 W single bulb level lights and 200 lumens fixed bulbs. The fixed bulbs will run on 1 AA bulb per motion and the rechargeable lithium ion battery can last for up to 7 months.

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The bulbs are waterproof. They have a 60-day money usage warranty and the light is dimmable.

4. Bamboo Belatchels Ultra Bright LED Based Lantern

Another very special piece is this LED lantern that uses bamboo. You can use your imagination and creativity and come up with a design just the your dream, but most amazing part is that it looks like real and it has amazing colors. The light runs through these bamboo rods and lights up the chandelier. It’s waterproof, very bright and very votive-looking. If you want to hang this above a real tree you’ll need to hang two chain holders (one for light and one for the night) so you can use two chain hooks.

This project is very similar to the Bamboo Silk Lunenburg lantern above. Here you can find the lantern outdoors and you can hang it from a tree in your yard. Make sure it’s preferably with the grain of the trees you have around. The lily is a lot more delicate and romantic than the usual lanterns.

This is the epic Dark Garden lantern. It’s shaped like a huge heated rope and it can be hung both indoors and outdoors. Put a bunch of these mini lights together to create a beautiful pattern. You can also spin the rope around the house when putting toys on the floor to shape it a little bit more.

These adorable hanging lanterns are Zettik Pliers and Solduce in two shades of 60W white and 65W red and they also come in sets of three. The lanterns measure 6.2?H x 16.7?W x 4.2?D and they require no assembly. The materials used for these lanterns include the base, the hands and the trim. The string trim is available in more than one color so you can match them to your own décor or to match your dining room plan.

These cute little hanging lanterns are really chic and they also feature bobbing, string, pom poms and cute little hands. They are great for outdoor use and they are made of 100% domestic cotton. The lanterns come in sets of three and are made of ceramic. The smallest one is a set of three and the smallest one is a set of four and they are made of ceramic. The set is similar to the ones found in the boxed set but there are also three sizes to choose from. Each of the tea light shaker lanterns features a 60-watt bulb which is enough for the needs of the kids although they all prefer the same type of light bulb. The tea lights are easy to clean and they don’t require an attachment so even if they are small you can still make them look great and have them placed anywhere without much effort.

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