Concrete Shell House Built In Southern Ontario, Canada

When you’re looking for a new house it’s not just about the specifications but about the form and the materials that you get. There are many types of houses, some made from wood, concrete and glass for example. We found one in southern Ontario, Canada.

It was a project by Strom Architects who worked with the clients to build a home that fits their unique lifestyle. The house sits on a steep slope which made the inevitable excavation to the site.

The strong southwest winds and the harsh winterDutch weather were the main reasons for this original design. The clients wanted as much attention as possible to the views and the main living areas. This home is a concrete house so they’ve used large glass walls to the south and east that let tons of natural light in. This provides a great feeling of openness throughout.

To balance the weight of the upper floor all together the team designed a sitting area that appear to float above the hillside. It’s a really cozy place where the upper floor timber frame and concrete walls represent part of the frame work. There’s also a beautiful view of the lake, which was the main request from the clients.{found on architezer}.

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