Scandinavian Interior Design Living Room By Kaare Klint

My 3 daughter is a huge fan of colour, landscape and interesting accessories, so she demanded the interior design for her new apartment in a huge Scandinavian church. My Creative and Modern solutions to all these project required attention to details and I think this has given the best result.

The main idea was to design a simple, but nice and neutral living room, with white floor and white furniture. I think this was the best choice, considering the bright colours, on the walls and the floor. The secret is to be creative and to combine furniture colours.

My creative and modern solution for the colour theme was to paint the ceiling, walls and floor different colour and pattern, to create a dynamic and dizzying space. The most interesting feature of this living room is the high ceiling that is painted on the walls and the floors, thanks to this furniture covering. That gives it a special atmosphere and also creates a modern and stylish design. The fluorescent tubes holding the light bulb are a good example of fluorescent lighting systems, as they give you a clear image of the technology used in manufacturing this item.

Scandinavian Interior Design Living Room By Kaare Klint Photo 3

The kitchen and the bedroom are also nice and quiet, because the open space in these rooms is so big, so that it is a good idea to make them more comfortable. noting the white brick wall, in the kitchen items such as dishes, some plates, some plates and some pots make the room so warm and attractive. T Making the bathroom is one of the most important parts of this house, so it is very necessary to make it functional and attractive. Space is very important, but lighting does not have to be a problem. For the furniture, it is about people and things placed in it. I think that Ashton proved me right with its sophisticated design and sophistication.{found on anshorn}.

Scandinavian Interior Design Living Room By Kaare Klint Photo 4

Scandinavian Interior Design Living Room By Kaare Klint Photo 5

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