Metal Trivets – Coffee Table And Side Table

For a peaceful atmosphere in the comfort of your home, a stylish coffee table may be the best choice. And if it’s a table made just for you, then it definitely has to be unique and special. I found a very beautiful table with a strange name. It’s called Trivets and it’s a side table. The Trivets side table is part of the Berclassica collection. This design idea came once the designer even considered using a symbol representing road Maps for the side table. Now I think it’s time to do something special like an unusual coffee table design.

As you might have imaginations, this coffee table actually represents the signature of the company that was founded in 1987. After that it became more popular and then, once again, it was named after its architect, Michael Kovtun. Now it’s a very surprising and unexpected treasured item that will definitely make your home look special. The Berclassica collection also includes a side table with an amazed mirror and an impressive chandelier. They are available in two models, one for modern bedrooms and other ones for more classical and traditional living rooms.

The Choyo Trivet is a beautiful piece with an almost engineered wooden look and a contemporary and simple design. It’s both functional and stylish and this makes it very versatile as well. It can be used either as a coffee table or a table that can fit in any type of interior, whether it’s traditional, modern or contemporary.

Metal Trivets – Coffee Table And Side Table Photo 4

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