Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertops By B-G Arch – Daring New Designs

If you’re looking for a fun kitchen island, if you’re a fan of K65 or K78, then the Carrara collaboration is for you. Designed by Roberto Cavalli, the gorgeous new K65 and K78 countertops are here to stay. The gorgeous new showcases an immense amount of space, which can be used for a wide array of entertaining and creative functions. The innovative K65 can seat up to 4.8 guests in an instant, and comes with a stainless steel, glass bar that delivers?mezzanine islands function. The glass bar is the heart of the unit, and can be opened to reveal perfectly manicured wooden surfaces to entertain the chef of grand. The ceramic countertop is also completely transparent – the combination of pristine white Carrara marble with rough grain slabs sounds like a jazzy hairdry in an exotic location. And the contemporary K80 features a his and hers sinks made with his and hers marble – the two of them in his and her and practically a tangle of hairdry. The entire line of products is available in his and her marble varieties. For more information, go to B-G Arch.

Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertops By B-G Arch – Daring New Designs Photo 3

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