Kitchen Black Cabinets

This is the kitchen of the Swedish Minotti. It’s part of the Kitchens Collection by Sophisto and it was designed for both residential and commercial sites. It features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. It’s a minimalist but very functional kitchen that was designed with only the basics in mind. Sophisto were the ones who brought out the best in this kitchen and they managed to create a very chic piece that also has a modern twist.

The Minotti kitchen features stainless steel appliances and a built-in trash compartment within the front portion. It’s an element that provides even more storage while also simplifies the design. The Minotti kitchen was designed with a task onto the user’s individual space and this can be seen anywhere you place the device. There are three spaces in the kitchen; the central space, the white one, that can be used as a kitchen stool, as a dining table and also as a space to apply a light coat of paint when not in use.

Even though the piece is very compact, it includes all the necessary functions and features one how. The Minotti kitchen has a unique design. It’s a simple kitchen made with simple materials and finishes. It’s a great choice especially in the kitchen of the contemporary homes. Also, it has a very simple overall design. The Minotti kitchen comes in a beautiful marble top, a transparent glass cabinet and a Wooden Round Top.Available for 399$.

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