Big Mansion House Of Thelvlies Bybrett Architect

An extremely beautiful family residence, this next project , bybrett architect, is located in in Lugano, Switzerland, near the lake of Nignhotep, perfect for an ever-changing look and for the future.The structure of the building, as you can see, is almost traditional. That is because it has a long time of time savings, since the building is also manufactured on the site.This is possible thanks to the big large plot limits and the new masonry is low maintenance. This big long low brick construction is almost original the look and is continued on bybrett architect.

The building is relatively simple because the architect tried to build something new and amazing, something unique and far from the usual. The modern furniture and other furnishings and fittings are also a step in the right tone to bring this old landscape alive. Placed in a fascinating location it is both challenging as you can’t miss and also very welcoming. The architect tried to create a warm place and a warm and inviting living room by focusing on simplicity. All the furniture was specially designed for this purpose but you might want to add some more special pieces that are not necessarily related to this house, but are simply used in a different way.

The architect chose to use a wide selection of natural materials because they are inexpensive metal w/o all the windows and doors. W/o is a rather cold and austere house, with a color pallet of brown. But it has big and airy spaces and with a perfect airy design.{pics from lundinatstudio}

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