Small Sliding Barn Door That You Can Save For Halloween

In order to save space for both Halloween and other events, you might want to use barn doors. They’re easy to install and they take little space they not even occupy. This one instantly takes care of the problem when needed. This small barn door was ingenious and smart. It can be easily closed, sliding underneath the furniture when not used or removed whenever needed, keeping everything in place. It comes without handles so it makes a great piece for the hallway, the space behind the sofa and even to squeeze in a storage box where you can store a few things.

The dimensions of this sliding barn door are 25.5 x 59.1 x 16.7 inches. It’s very clever and practical and it keeps everything in order and out of the way. The door slides in and out with a track of tracks that make it easy to move the door when it’s moved somewhere else. It’s like it’s part of a puzzle. It’s fun and very practical.Available for 4490$.

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