Thought Provoking Paintings From Belgian Artists Carla Diaszczy

Pale blue is one of the most relaxing colors and it’s always used to peacefully complement or contrast with the warm brown or beige background. However, blue is not exactly a common color in most homes. There are ways in which you can introduce it into your home, space or home. Sometimes it’s a very strong shade of blue which tends to dominate the décor. However, in this case the effect is quite soothing and calming. This is a contemporary residence located in Brussels.

The house features a large painting by Belgian artist Carla Diaszczy. The piece is a large and complex portrait and it’s quite difficult to place in a category. Since it’s a large piece of artwork, the fact that it was made by doing a full project meant that all the drawings and the drawings were made by the artist from time to time. This meant that they had to respect the space available and to avoid compromises. It’s why they decided to use a combination of artificial and real paintings.

The residence is a three-story house and it sits on a 67 acre site. It’s located in Brussels’ neighborhood of Bagnoppen, Belgium. Inside, you can see that the artwork is displayed on two walls aligned with each other. The red background makes the artwork pop up. The location suits it well. The piece you see here is located in a former 1980s barn. Even though it can be identified by the rustic but also by the unusual lines and headboard it depicts.

The building was designed in 2008 by Pascal Grasso architects and it was a project for a series of events, workshops and seminars. The design of the reception desk and of the entrance area was also done by Pascal Grasso. The office area is also positioned on the upper floor of the barn. It’s composed of a conference room and a dining area.

Inside, the space is divided into reception, office and dark blue dining rooms. There’s a very nice balance between the extremes in shades, shades, materials and accent colors. In some cases, the space is illuminated by light through skylights and the overall décor is pleasant and bright.

The residence was built in 2006. It has three bedrooms and this became the home. It’s a very peaceful, bright and colorful place. If you take a look at the pictures you realize that’s was great from the beginning. This is a contemporary and very friendly residence, the kind of place you wouldn’t want to miss. With high ceilings and white walls, it seems very welcoming and warm. A very nice detail is the elevator that was built in the penthouse. Those red signs are very practical and functional.

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