Indoor Wooden Bench With Back To Earth Support

Need a new piece of furniture for your home? How about the Back to Wood bench? It is designed as two individual seats that sit back to back. It looks simple, but it saves you lots of time when you need to be more exact. The back piece is a wooden support that is bolted to a wooden post with life!

The two individual seats are handcrafted from wood , so you can choose the exact distance between back and front – the exact height that is convenient and the same width that is not. The two seats have “zippered” lacing that allows them to be put together as one piece without being able to see the back side, so they do not need to be precisely aligned. The difference is, if you have a wooden bench in your home, the zippered seat of this bench will be perfect and will be easy to remove if necessary.

Indoor Wooden Bench With Back To Earth Support Photo 2

The bench has only 28 inches of length and 140 inches of height and does not have a seat, but a back and a width. It weighs 8 pounds and has a warranty of three years. The piece measures 41 inches long, 13 inches high and 25 inches deep. It’s enough to satisfy a large portion of your family, but not necessarily. You can buy this uniquely designed wooden bench for $899.00.

Indoor Wooden Bench With Back To Earth Support Photo 3

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