Indoor Cat Tree – For Cats That Want To Go In The Trees

Cats love to climb all sorts of structures and to explore the surrounding environment so they all love finding something that helps them to relax. Cats usually like to stay in permanent and massive cardboard tubes which they then use to store their out of the way furniture. They like finding cozy places where they can sit in one spot and admire the surroundings. The cat tree is no exception. In fact, it’s a great project that other types of furniture could also use.

Cats like to stay in bed, to sleep on the floor made of wood and cardboard and they enjoy that as well. They particularly enjoy sitting in bed which is a very interesting feature. This is a lovely design by Seinyi Diaz-Berrio.

The same cats also love to sit in bed just like you do whenever you watch a movie. You can have a bed and a comfy one and you could even combine these two functions. You could, for example, use the cat tree as a nightstand and the table as a side table. You won’t have to keep the cats in bed like the cats usually do, not if you’d rather use the wall as a divider. {found on designsponge}.

Indoor Cat Tree – For Cats That Want To Go In The Trees Photo 3

Another thing cats hate is writing all messy on the wall. If you can somehow come up with a good way to hide all that scratching and hiding under the bed and inside the house, then you can have a scratching wall. You could have an industrial version which is super easy to build like this one. Check out the full tutorial for this project on instructables.

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