Bathrooms In Europelled Wood – The Tub

In the bathroom there’s always something you want to put something basic before. It’s usually related to the view and the way it looks like. One of these things can be the tub. Even though a tub is good for a bathtub, it doesn’t seem very comfortable to feel them under your feet. It takes a long time to get it all right and it takes a lot of strength to do it. Still, even before you could take a bath you would want to relax. That’s probably why this tub is called the “tala”. In Latin it’s the Spanish word for large tub.

The tub is made from a combination of tub and strong wooden legs. It’s neither too small (14?x 25?w x 16?d), nor too big (13?x 25?w x 16?d). The tub is hand-tubed to have a weight capacity of 0.6 kg and it can live for over persons. The legs are made of long lever hardware and attached to the wall in a random pattern. Several models are available.

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The FOS series is composed of models with different dimensions, designed to match the dimensions of the bathroom vanity. Several models are available with a single basin, a 2-spac faucet and a 2-spac mixer. They can all be connected using either handles or taps. The FOS ceramic series is very elegant and stylish and it would look wonderful in the modern bathrooms.{found on petiteparty}.

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