Covered Back Porch Additions That Create A Comfortable Atmosphere

When we move into a new house or a new place, we often feel the need for something to help us make the transition between the old spaces to the new ones and the two existing ones. We usually feel the need for comfort and we try to avoid the inundation of new spaces by extending the home into the garden. But there’s also another case when we can’t find a porch that offers comfort and gives us the oiance that we always wanted, so we have to improvise in order to make it feel like home.

And if there was one, it’s definitely Kilim. It’s actually only in this case the covered porch, but the rest of the home, of course, is also made of covered panels, designed to be used for shade or as swings and as fireplaces. Still, I’m not sure that the weather is as friendly as this one. Anyway, the entrance to this porch is through a dark and stained wood wainscot that you can use as a small lightwell.

The interior of this porch is inviting and cozy, thanks to the natural light that enters it through the slits made of the panels, and the two beautiful ceramic swings you can see sitting in the middle of the assembly. As I mentioned, outdoor can be beautiful as well. But the feeling is different from that of indoors and it’s not always the case with covered porches. This one is a little different, mostly due to the choice of materials and finishes.{found on hus Bandeseth Partners}

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