Modern German Architecture With Wonderful Views

I have talked about the great Neustadt barn and now I will show you a great and one situated in the mountains, big and offers great views of the Steckling Ridge Mountains. It is a 2-storey structure with an impressive design and tall , sturdy metal roofs that protects the the exterior of the building but it also creates a great visual impact because of the big windows facing the mountains and the amazing landscape surrounding them.

This is a great example of us modern architects with some experience who followed modern home issues challenge. In this case it was not about the architecture or the furniture or the other details but about the great architecture that can be seen in the surroundings. The house has a lot of useful elements but this is not necessarily applies to the furniture and the decorations. If you like the images and you want to see more of this great architecture you can check out this YouTube channel meant to let us see how to better integrate the furniture into the surroundings.

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