Shipping Container Home Texas By Frederico Valsassina

This lovely house is a holiday house and a holiday home, a place for contemplation, for relaxation and for entertainment and fun. It was designed by Frederico Valsassina who was kind enough to offer suggestions for its structure and design. The house was built as a simple box with a minimalist design and a rough structure but its core is actually just a brick container. It’s completely closed off keeping all private elements inside and outside to each room but this only enhances its beauty. In this manner the house seems big, more like a fortress that needs to be protected in all its splendor. The house was designed for a city family that wanted something to be proud of and a retreat to be proud of.

Even from the first sight it looks inviting and very comfortable. The house was designed in a way that allows it to blend in by its close proximity to the forest. The false walls of the cedar box that surrounds the house are beautifully camouflaged. They offer it the perfect opportunity to blend in, becoming one with nature and to stand out.

Shipping Container Home Texas By Frederico Valsassina Photo 2

The residence sits on a 2 acre property that measures 2 acres. The cedar boxes that form the house can be accessed via a bridge that crosses a pond. They have a compact design and they help keep the interior space completely uniform. The inside space is very minimalist. The living area features a huge sloping area with an L-shaped fireplace and a beautiful live edge coffee table. Sloping ceiling and exposed beams that make it seem disappear into the landscape.

Shipping Container Home Texas By Frederico Valsassina Photo 3

The area also includes a half basketball court, a dining table and two benches. The family room is spacious and it’s also connected to an outdoor covered patio. It has a gorgeous double roof design. It has a curved wall that digs in through a glass wall with beautiful views and a wood-topped island that shares the floor with a chair and a table or a table. The master bathroom has a separate walk-in shower and also a marble bath.

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