Luxury Home Design In Australia

As a guest, you can’t overlook the true beauty of a beautiful and luxurious hotel. So, why not have a piece of luxury in your home and enjoy it and feel amazing being there, in the company of your family. This modern and elegant $3 million house got his “nest” in a very beautiful location.

The house covers a total surface of 10,000 square feet. It’s located in Brisbane, Australia and it offers magnificent and unique views. The house itself covers an area of 3.300 square meters and it has been finished in 2011. It features a very impressive garage, a games room, a movie room, a gym, a sauna and, of course, its very inviting and comfortable interior. What’s not to love about this place? It has a very beautiful contemporary design. The predominant color would be grey and the turquoise of the water would suit it very well.

The living area is connected to the outdoor areas. The swimming pool is also an interesting feature. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls emphasize the height and also invite the inhabitants to step out and enjoy the beauty of the property. In order to make the most of this location, the design of the house was inspired by mid-century modern pieces. The contrast between the luxurious look and the classical architecture of the house is visible.{pics by John RaicPhone and found on contemporist}.

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