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Porches are such popular and interesting spaces in the house.They offer a sense of privacy, a sense of freedom and they’re the perfect place to relax in. However, houses need to be designed just right and they usually take a lot of planning and hard work. Based on their size and shape, they need to offer the people living in them the peace of the home. But Pinterest found a perfect way to make everyone happy when it came to designing a stylish porch. Here are some examples of how you can do that.

Houseplants, for example, are very cute and lovely and they require little maintenance. If you give them some sunlight, they also brighten up the space. Use white furniture and fresh plants and flowers to decorate the porch and to create a simple and efficient layout. This one looks particularly great with those big windows and the natural light that they get on a porch.

Porches are always bright and open. That’s what a sitting area or reading nook will do, making it a perfect place to relax. But open plan rooms often lack character, especially outdoors. That’s why this porch is so charming. It’s very simple, only decorated with a few details. The floor is not very generous but that’s actually a function of its size.

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Another way to add color to a porch is with accent plants. Choose your favorite if you want bright, bold or a neutral color. You could have oversized potted plants, decals or potted trees plus a bunch of other decorations. Put a bit of emphasis on these details and try to use bright colors in a balanced way.

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A waterbed is another great option. It’s great for outdoor areas and it’s even smaller than a poolside bench so you don’t need much space for this. The main difference is the size: this is a decorative bed. It measures 6.75?H x 28.25?W x 10.75?D and it has a dark gray color which really brings out the charm of the whole porch. You can place it in the sunroom or the deck without worrying about any sun.

How about a swing instead of a single bed? That would be pretty fun to have around. Of course, a porch would have to be small and to offer some back space for this element. This one is not special so we’ll also show you how to build a beautiful hanging bed out of wood. First measure a yard and then a day bed from a wooden pallet. Then build the bed. Mark the boards for the window, the door and even the ladder, different colors for each, preferably two or three. The bed should also be sturdy enough to support the day bed. Connect two pallets with longer legs for added support. It’s then time to build the actual porch stand. On the left you’ll find out how you’re going to use the pallets. On the right you’ll find out the steps. Take the longer wooden pallets and place them side by side, mix the color for the shade and then tie them together.

This lovely porch looks a lot like a meditation room. The white walls and overall simple design and rad color combination make it feel very inviting. Offset by a low bed, the sleeping space is very small and is almost completely hidden behind a white wall unit. The hanging bed has a chicwood wood frame with a white rope-wrapped rope as its main feature. We love the way in which the white adds warmth to the space and also the way it contrasts with the wood and complements the room’s decor.

A different kind of white-on-white power contrasts in this bedroom. It’s combined with different pastels and with a chic rattan headboard, vintage light fixtures and dark green accents. The hanging bed features a ladder to point its use on the floor. The platform above the bed serves as a display area. The rest of the room is very simple. The room has a clean and tranquil décor with very little accessories. The goal was to create a tranquil ambiance.

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