Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas By Whittenberry

My personal favorite and most attention grabbing yet simple thing from this web site is the contemporary minimalistic bedroom ideas that are simple yet still sophisticated. If you really want to create a simple bedroom you should take a look at this lovely design by whittenberry.

The key to create a simple and beautiful simple bedroom is to think art instead of packing your rooms in stylish furniture sets. The bed you choose, the table you buy, the lamp you choose, the curtains you throw, the mirrors, wall art, etc are all important. This bedroom is an example of quality craftsmanship which at the same time is sophisticated and simple at the same time.

The grey need to be with your neutral friends at all times. The black canvas is a haute couture piece and looks great atissonoles, tables and kitchen islands. The black canvas adds depth to the room and the three collages are obtainable depending on the room too. You can write the cabinets using a black background with a monotone image. Or you could include colorful objects or pieces of furniture. The kitchen and the living room are similar to the main bedroom as well but they are smaller in size, more like projects for a smaller person. The bedrooms should be decorated with simplicity and respect for the environment.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas By Whittenberry Photo 4

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