Affordable Container House In San Francisco

This bright and spacious house is located in San Francisco. It was a project developed by architect Andrew Franz, together with Eki Svalt and CanAz Canaga. The project was called “Distinct_ Hut”, a name that suits it very well. The house was built for a San Francisco couple with two children and friends and it consists of a spacious living area on the ground floor and a second floor that also serve as a kid’s room. The second floor is reserved for a guest suite.

The couple came up with a simple design that allows the room to be all white and to match the entrance, the kitchen to the left and the children’s room to the right. The curtains make it seem casual but when they’re turned on it becomes elegant and stylish. The first floor, for now, is the most used from the ground level. It’s where all the activity areas are situated. The living area, the kitchen, the dining room, the bar, the sitting room and the bedroom are all located here.

The bedrooms are all cozy and nicely decorated. The living room, kitchen and the dining area are all beautifully decorated with classical, upholstered furniture. The dining room also includes a home cinema and is connected to the balcony via large sliding doors. The bar has a wall-mounted faucet. The living room is connected to the balcony via a steel frame. Upstairs there’s a second bedroom with a view of the city. There’s also an additional balcony, also made of steel, glass and wood. This was a project by Eski Construction.{found on site}.

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