Wood Look Concrete House With A Perfectly Planned But Challenging Site

This beautiful house is located in northern Italy. It’s hard to believe that this is actually a home. The house is called the Concrete House and it was designed by 2005-2010 architect Fernando Liscalco. He that has this project, the intention of having a concrete house was to create a perfect site, that of having beautiful views, to admire the landscape and to create a strong connection to the natural environment.

Because the site presented such challenges, both in terms of construction type and location, the architect had to be creative when designing the house. The most difficult was to work with a difficult topography and this had to be reflected in the designs that the team used and the solutions provided by the owners.

Even though the house has concrete walls on the front and the terraces that are flush with the house, there’s a sense of openness everywhere you look. That’s because the site presented multiple challenges, the most important one being the fact that the site is hidden. The great challenge was to find a way to open the house to the landscape and to created a strong dialogue with the terrace, the garden and the sea. So the materials used were low-maintenance and low to the ground level. The only thing combining the house with the landscape and the views were the windows.

Wood Look Concrete House With A Perfectly Planned But Challenging Site Photo 5

The landscape is very beautiful and it creates a very beautiful casual and pleasant mood and seems to want to be more than just a part of the structure. The views are also an element that connects Torres home to the beach and the landscape that surrounds it. The harmonious design and décor create a harmonious look and very welcoming atmosphere.{found on contemporist}.

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