Koi Designs A Private Home In Tokyo, Japan

House in Takizawa is a residential project designed bykoi in 2016.

The home is located in Tokyo, Japan.

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House in Takizawa by kakuse (House of Big Life) is a private home.

Completed in 2013, it is located in Tokyo, Japan.

House in Takizawa by kakuse (House of Big Life) by Koichi Futatsumata:

“This small private house is located in a small residential area from central Tokyo and was finished just before 2012. Case Study SPH 300 series was meant to follow the evolution of a Japanese building upon which many buildings appeared in the modernist era.

The project was done with clients who are a young couple with two small children. Despite the economic troubles typical of Japan, a lot of emphasis was placed on maximizing the natural ventilation, particularly in winter, when the dust and the humidity are high. Large windows were blocked with drywall and small openings were required, one of which was left in complete darkness for the whole house to visually blend with.

The small openings that are left in part during the nighttime show a gap in the facade which we positioned rather than making use of it.

The extremely simple and slender structure of the house required special attention to details, and this is reflected through the ordering of the volumes and the selection of the materials and colors for the walls and plasterings.

The house is built on a corner site in the centre of a small stream where the neighbours just passed by before entering the site. The narrow footprint of the site makes this small site almost non existent. This imprint is further enhanced by the minimalism of the volumes and the order of the houses in which predominates minimalist and contemporary styles.

In this way, the house in which was expected to be built is expected to be visited by large gatherings in the spring and summer and parties during the cold seasons. In addition, the site is marked with the typical Japanese garden houses in terms of greenery and open space. These gatherings bring people, culture, food, and people together to come together as a larger family.

The garden, though small, sets the scene for the rest of the surrounding neighborhood. The concept that shaped the basic form of the house, and the way it unfolds, define the feeling one is going into this house. The concept that plays out in the spaces beyond the walls itself, such as the terrace and corridor between the house’s bedrooms, reinforce the connection between the rooms inside and out, while ensuring co-existing harmonious views and a sense of freedom.

The garden, which looks back into the house and towards the street, as a green, natural water supply in and of course springs out from the ground at a young age, creates a very relaxed atmosphere, as a sort of child-safe playground. The finished house, which is painted black, has a strong sense of modernity, more modern in its furniture and details, whilst still providing the basic amenities expected of family members.

The result is an elegant house of richness in content, filled with inspiration and a desire to take creativity to the fullest. The true highlight of this house for the clients was not achieved until the very first pass, upon entry, and how the formal and informal link between living zones seems to have been established by fixing a glazed doorway right into a timber-lined formal passage. Formal and cozy bedrooms are connected by an informal staircase, with an open plan entertainment area leading to a large playroom with pool, barbecue cinema, diving pool and collection bar and wine cellar.

Expanding on the concept, the residence incorporates elements that link to the timber-lined formal and informal transition spaces, creating a bridge that leads to the footpath. An elongated slab of Resinous concrete serves as the cantilever which frames the formal entrance. A variety of bronze-finished woodwork fine details create a warm palette which runs through the main spaces. Interiors unfold like a ribbon embracing spans of light and evening, against the dramatic backdrop of exposed timber and glass.”

Photos by: Brett Boardman

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