Soaking Tub Shower Combination By Antonio Lupi

The bathroom is usually a space where the owners make their bath as personal as they can to feel. There’s usually a ritual that alters the time and the mood of the day. So if you want to feel like a caveman on a cave and since this is usually the case, a simple but elegant shower like Antonio Lupi’s Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Infinity Bathtub will turn your bathroom into an oasis of luxury.

The Savannah Savannah Savannah Infinity Bathtub features two concentric circles with water flowing in at one end and the water at the other end. It’s perfect for modern-day bathroom users that don’t wish to waste the space on the tub. It’s quiet, relaxing and it also looks gorgeous. The white background provides a nice clean look for the rest of the items on the shelf.

The Savannah Savannah Infinity Bathtub features a frameless design that makes it even more beautiful. It’s available in multiple models and sizes and it’s available in gloss black or espresso white. The tub has a round hole in the middle, very relaxing. It’s a very stylish accent piece that would look wonderful in any bathroom. It’s a perfect choice for any modern, minimalist or even vintage bathroom. It has a simple design that allows it to make the room feel cozy and inviting, regardless of the style. The Infinity washbasin is a very cozy and inviting piece that would look beautiful in a traditional, vintage or even modern bathroom. It has a wooden frame with tub and sink and mirror.

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