Small Luxury House In An Exclusive Oceanfront Resort

This exquisite house is located on the southern tip of the Serra de Collserola, one of the largest and most exclusive areas in the Riviera of Giorfideso. It’s a very privileged location and a perfect getaway place for those who seek privacy and wish to feel like home in this stunning architectural mansion.The house was designed by Mallinson Williamson Architects and it features a very nice mix of old and new elements.

The project was not meant to be easy but rather just an adventure that will bring you great changes and changes of décor. The main idea was to preserve as much of the original as possible and the only thing that could be changed was the internal structure of the house. In order to do that, the architects had to redesign half of the house and to restructure the interior in order to make a new entrance. At the same time, they had to make some changes regarding the exterior profile. Still, they partially preserved the ridge-level spaces and returned to their original design.

The new residence now features a large living room and a luxurious master suite on the ground floor with panoramic views of the Eucalyptus Creek and the city center. The master bath features a minimalist bathroom décor done in warm colors that contrast with the marble shower walls. Even though the house is still very old, it got a modern update and a functional, functional and modern look.{found on archdaily}.

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