Soglio Switzerland Villa With A Unique Atmosphere And Design

Located on the southern side of the Swiss village of Hoch finally the house offers panoramic views over the lake of Val-Hautplanck. Designed by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes the house was conceived as a modern and ecological vacation home focusing on simplicity, sustainability and energy completely assembled in order not to destroy the structure’s façade and its main living areas. The layout of the house is as follows in order to create two spacious and open common areas: the entrance area where you can eat and live with your friends and the outdoor area where you can host and relax. The internal organization of the house is not only simple but also highly efficient.

The living area has a floor heating system and there is also a geothermal heat pump, HVAC system as well as air-conditioning. The private areas of the house have been designed with high ceilings and natural light during day.

The design of the house is appropriate for the Austrian holidaying society and the preference for minimalism and bright eco houses. The choice of a warm, wooden interior gives the feeling of a wonderful vacation in one of the best lofts that ever held.

Soglio Switzerland Villa With A Unique Atmosphere And Design Photo 5

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