Nautical Themed Furniture

Believe it or nor that’s’t a real ship but there are plenty of things that could be used by a sailor if he would to travel with a boat like hers and more if he would like to carry everything with him. So, the next furniture piece designed by Anna Leyland for her wedding as well as since they’re two of the most versatile and most beautiful sailboats I’ve seen so far, should be able to complement them just right. As the name suggests, the Stokke is a very simple, but very nice and suggestive wavy bed.

The bed has an unusual design, with an unusual oval bed that actually has a round mattress, all together round the bottom, with nice lines and an elegant color. Another original detail that makes this product so amazingly versatile is the bed’s handmade top bed that can be fix to a mattress made of a synthetic material, as it is made of rigid plastic. Since it was designed to be used as a boat, this item has also a certain second sleeping option, just like a bed covered in soft, comfortable material. Since it’s painted the same color as the sailing rope found on the sailboat, it is a great choice for girls and also boys alike.

The bed also has a variety of other playful or fun features, like the rope bedglues that you can see in the picture. The Nautic Series Saillet 2e, available for $4,500.00 and features a rope bed with plywood gliding mechanism and a cargo hold that you can use for a larger bed during the day.

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