Dark Taupe Paint By Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul brought more color and comfort to his home than most designers ever do. His delicate taupe walls gave it a “nightly” look and a more distinguished ambiance. Very popular in graphic spaces, taupe walls are a more than beautiful addition at smaller times.

His wavy texture and various wovens along with long taupe drapes and75cm linen panels make for a soothing combination. The warm tones of taupe are found only in the home’s interior, especially taupe furniture. Nowadays, the living room is just as mellow as the bedroom in order to match the minimalist style, which is timeless. If you are wondering where on earth Thomas Paul started, well, two of them. This taupe inspired sofa was featured in a recent House Deco catalog, art which is relaxing, comfortable and stylish.

Dark Taupe Paint By Thomas Paul Photo 2

Dark Taupe Paint By Thomas Paul Photo 3

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