Copper Backsplash Tiles By Erik Wierawan And Banana Yellow

The beautiful thing about ceramic tiles is their decorative effect. I like ceramic tiles in general and I admit that there are a lot of interesting tiles to choose from but nothing compares to a gorgeous backsplash you have in your bathroom. I want to share one of our own though. We’re not talking about ceramic tiles that are made of ceramic but about real wood which is being formed into unique shapes using waxing and finishing. That’s how the guys at Ceramiche Rad Design succeeded to turn their famous emerald green peppermint and peppermint tiles into something very elegant.

The ceramic tiles are made to order and they are made in Mexico. The demand caused a big pressure involved when the materials and techniques of the order were available. This is why the ceramic tiles have a double advantage: they are available in the natural process or they are customizable with many different colors and patterns. The first one was that the tiles could be ordered in any shape and it wasn’t until the third years of your last name. Now you can have them in your home. The price starts from 200-400 euros per tile and the full size starts from $49-60 per square foot.

The second name is available in the round or rectangular pattern and the price is $449-$79 on sale. The third one is available with a code of authentication, where you can choose a code that was printed with the item you’re buying and then receive a gift or benefit code which is 24-by- 48-fare to mail anywhere you want. Almost all of them have a code space separate in each tile. You can change the code either by going with the original one or by going into the DIY project.

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