Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace Cleverly Integrated Into Rustic Kitchen

We’ve seen many products which seem to integrate well into the contemporary interior design. However, when a fireplace was used for more than one function, it reached a whole new level. Usually, when you’re working on a creative project outside world completely different from your working space, you wish you would get something more creative. In the case of this ethanol fireplace you get that opportunity. It’s a very clever integration and design meant to increase the value of this an equally functional space.

The entertainment area is located in the living room and the fireplace is integrated into a large wall unit behind it. The wall separates so that friends and family members won’t be able to stay in the same room. This wall has been created to create a means of storing the remote control, a smart lock and the automatic safety.

The fireplace in turn has a 9” electric fireplace built-in in front of it. The secret is the high gloss LED lights which are placed behind the wall of mirrors. The whole room is very well thought and very practical. It’s perfect for the entire family and they all seem to feel cozy.

Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace Cleverly Integrated Into Rustic Kitchen Photo 3

The furniture has a vintage look and Gustavianists combined with Art Deco period furniture pieces and accessories and results is a very charming décor. Not only the style is traditional, but the combination of styles proves to be harmonious and well thought.

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