Floral Pattern Carpeting By Kreoo – Grasscloth

Kreoo is an Italian company with a long history and tradition in designing home and projects for the living room. They have created a multitude of unique and luxurious pieces that are luxurious but also familiar, as we can find more of them onklet Dmitro. Take a look to yourself in the beautiful section and imagine yourself standing in the living room, in a comfortable and classy chair just like in the world of nature. You’ll never know if you’ve managed to reach a Santa Claus unless you see this section.

The Floral sectional carpeting is created using 100% modala silk and it’s simple, soft and luxurious. The covers are removable and machine-washable. The covers are available in seven colors: spider, antique cherry, bases, balé, tea, jade, silver leaf, platinum, tortoise, tortoise shell, turquoise, turquoise blue, gold, navy, indigo, and several sizes.

Floral Pattern Carpeting By Kreoo – Grasscloth Photo 2

The designer, Kvee Bentzen, an architect and creative using industrial and modern influences, came up with the elegant and sumptuous walnut section and combined it with the beautiful brass. The result is an elegant living room, with simple but delicate lines and elegant and luxurious details.

Floral Pattern Carpeting By Kreoo – Grasscloth Photo 4

The Floral sectional rug was created in 2013 and it features floral and striped geometrical patterns with links of the varied floral shapes. The result was a rug with organic patterns with floral motifs that have classical floral motifs and chic geometrical lines that make this sectional set the picture perfect.

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