Tiny Homes Chicago By La SHED Architecture

This surprisingly small but very stylish home was designed by la SHED architecture in 2011 for a client living in the village of Heyri Art La Yat-E Upon a small private home known as Heyri, Taiwan.

The architects worked with a small budget and an elaborate design team to create a 200 square foot loft with a spacious floor plan and sufficient storage to fit a bed, kitchen, wardrobe and everything else.

Cloel Apartment by la SHED architecture:

Tiny Homes Chicago By La SHED Architecture Photo 3

“This 1.5 m (10 ft) wide and 250 m (hea sq ft) square square area is a small but very beautiful house with a total user space. The owners are engaged with various sharing activities such as holding regular family activities, working and garden activities, gathering together, designing the public spaces and so on.

Tiny Homes Chicago By La SHED Architecture Photo 4

Moreover, the house adapts to the surrounding site, consisting of different cladding elements and thus integrating into the structure, the exoskeleton of walls, and the motifs of shadows. This circulation system breaks the exoskeleton of walls limiting the internal space. The shadows are like a pulpit where you can watch the world unfold itself.”

Tiny Homes Chicago By La SHED Architecture Photo 5

Photos courtesy of la SHED Architecture

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