Eco Houses By VPS – Floating House

The Floating house is an experiment by VPS, an architecture and design practice based in Amsterdam. Originally, the designers set foot within the Amsterdam Central Building as part of the first floating house builds. The house is located outside the Amsterdam Central Building and spans an area of 2965 square meters. The structure was built at the headquarters of VPS, an Amsterdam-based office for the sustainable movement eco design.

The architects set out to create something unique and outstanding from the inside out. They conceived the house to have an open, spacious and light look. Because the building is so big and so transparent, all the bedrooms face the street and have access to terraces that ensure privacy. The facade is covered with transparent-finish thermally-broken 2-1/2” glass panels, giving them a modern and clean look that visually frames the house and the views beyond.

The house is low to the ground and protrudes through the the trees, creating a natural extension of the landscape visible from all areas. The transparent and shapely shape staircase connecting the floors is almost invisible.

Eco Houses By VPS – Floating House Photo 3

The interior is simple and organic. The living room, dining area and kitchen are all combined into one. A corner hallway serves as access point to the terrace and also includes a number of wardrobes and a pantry for laundry. The ground floor has glass walls that allow the interior to be lit up at night from the exterior.

Eco Houses By VPS – Floating House Photo 4

Eco Houses By VPS – Floating House Photo 5

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