Homes Built Into Hills To Provide Privacy

It’s not very pleasant to walk on hard but the views are important. Architects and their projects are designed to take advantage of the environment and everything surrounding them, not to try to hide features that would be incomplete, but preserve the original and unique features. That’s what the owners of this residence in Valle de Bravo built over a five-year-old landscape. The project was developed by Estudio Primer Architecture and was completed in 2010.

The gated neighborhood of Valle de Bravo in Mexico City is a very beautiful place to spend the holidays and it’s also home to a stunning house. The project was major and had major success due to the inclination of some architects of Estudio Primer Architecture that the views were very important in the first place. The house was built on a sloping field, following the unevenness of the terrain. To respect the land as important it was taken into consideration a variety of pre-existing features.

The house has also previously become a part of the campus and it’s why that is such an important part of the building’s design. The house actually sits on a series of patios and pergolas and it sits on a hill accompanied by a pine forest. The rest of the site is a sort of transitional area, nature-oriented and it gets to be best appreciated while socializing in a quiet environment.

The west side of the house is where all the public areas are located and there’s also a private deck connected to the main house by a walkable patio. The house was mainly built using stone, concrete, steel and glass. It features spacious areas for relaxation and the entrance hallway is one of the best with a patio that wraps it entirely for the strongest winds.

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