L Shaped House Plans With Courtyard

The L House is a beautiful house located in Sydney, Australia. It was completed in 2010 and it covers an area of 4,413 sqft. The construction was started in 2007. The house sits on what is currently known as the harbour Huram, near Sydney Harbour. It was a project by Birgitte Pearce completed in 2008.

The house is surrounded by various vegetation and flora. The house has a steel frame and a timber structure and it sits on four thick concrete walls. Then there’s also a glulam structure that houses the front entry. The first floor contains the kitchen, dining room, living room and study. The bedrooms and bathrooms are on the second and third floors.The basement is very stable and has a garage and storage areas. The last floor is the yard. It contains four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The clients requested a clear distinction between the public and the private spaces. The ground floor of the house is an open space filled with natural light. The living and dining areas are an open volume that sits parallel to the house. They are all facing the courtyard and the pool. The first floor also contains two bedrooms. One of them has an en-suite bathroom while the other one is a guest room. The house is currently for sale and was made by FH Architecture.{found on archdaily and pics by FH Architecture}.

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