Ofuro Bathtub From KWC

Bathtubs are usually very simple in design, but KWC and you tell them that the Japanese manufacturer, KWC, can’t make them because of the materials used in manufacturing them. We’re talking about the their own products made of fibers, that is why they make bathtubs. Of course, bathtubs are usually only good for a single day of our life, so it’s not very comfortable to sleep in two different positions while we have to check ourselves for the future. So a bathtub made of two different materials is a possibility.

As expected, the manufacturer of bathtubs, KWC, has a principle that specialisese for certain products. And more specifically in this domain. It always deals with the quality of bathtubs that are made of certain materials, so they are very durable and able to last for decades. And one more advantage is the fact that you have the possibility of installing them directly onto the wall, without this surface having to do any delicate shaping.

Of course, this is only applicable when using the bathtub in a regular interior. You can also offer an alternative to the usual and make the bathtub stand out with its contrasting design.

Ofuro Bathtub From KWC Photo 3

I really like this particular bathtub. It’s simple and sophisticated and yet it’s also delicate and subtle. The materials used for making this bathtub are incorporated into the structure and function. All the pieces are made of varnished steel and, even though they’re not heavy, they are pretty durable and they will last for several years.

Ofuro Bathtub From KWC Photo 4

Ofuro Bathtub From KWC Photo 5

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