White Marble Kitchen Countertops – Practical And Perfect For Small Kitchens

Marble is an timeless material, one which you would use to decorate in any small apartment. The durability of its design has guided this choice whether it’s in the kitchen, dining room or bathroom. The result of this inclination is a kitchen that looks and feels open and spacious just like any other marble-floor-turned-countertop combo you can imagine. Check out this white kitchen designed by Deger Design Group.

Marble can also look very beautiful in large spaces when used in combination with wood, although the contrast would be strong even for such a large surface. Check out this stylish kitchen designed by Brown Design Group for example. Its light, warm wood details, finishes and marble accents and we love everything about it.

A marble kitchen would also look very elegant and with a sophisticated allure as well as a fresh and modern look as well. A gorgeous example is this formal kitchen furnished by studio Jennifer Kreis. It has an elegant marble kitchen island with a marble backsplash and a stylish dining table with chairs just what it needs for a welcoming and comfortable vibe.

White Marble Kitchen Countertops – Practical And Perfect For Small Kitchens Photo 5

Marble is a very versatile material which you can take advantage of in a lot of cool ways when decorating a small kitchen. A gorgeous example is the design created by Malcom Designs Group which they seem to be able to seamlessly blend wood and marble, creating a classy and sophisticated yet cheerful and chic appearance.

We also love the timeless look of marble tiles which go really well with marble floors. The really nice thing is that each marble floor features a different color, the rest is white and the pattern is highlighted by certain types of wood and other such elements. Check out Plenty of inspiration on Fabricpaperglues.

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