Cool Big Houses With Incredible Architecture

Architectural designs are always intriguing. Whether you’re only working with small rooms or you decide to add a big one to your own home, there’s no better place for it, especially when you actually have a lot of interesting to take inspiration from. An architecturally-designed house will always look breathtaking and will offer great architectural details. If you want your house to have the impressive and eccentric presence it needs, there are a few must-have features to take into consideration.

Floor plans and designs.

Floor plans are important. They’re room’s where the inhabitants spend most of the day and their designs have to be flexible. But this detail is not always as important as the function of the rooms when designing and decorating a house. Planning a big and huge floor plan and designing all the rooms and rooms in the house will take a while to get used with.

Living room designs.

The living room is a space that usually everyone would use if they have a separate space for this activity. Usually it’s a corner of the house where everyone can gather and spend time together. However, in order to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, you must make the room look and feel inviting.

A home library.

Every room needs a home library and if you only include the basics like the bookshelves and a few reading chairs in the corner, that’s not enough. To create a warm and cozy atmosphere you should include a few other elements. For example, you can include a wooden bookcase around the corner and you can make the bookshelves stand out. The kids will love to help you organize their stuff.

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A reading corner.

An empty corner is a perfect spot for a reading corner. It’s where the owners spend most of their free time, relaxing or simply drawing.

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To make the corner more spacious, you can add some type of furniture anywhere you want. For example, if you place a sofa or a couch in the corner, you’ll be creating even more space for relaxation. You should get a nightstand or a corner table. You can also include some shelves somewhere in the room.

A chalkboard wall.

The corner of the living room where you can put your things is a space that should stay empty so it shouldn’t be on the table or desk. You can make a chalkboard wall and you should write anything on it.

You should try to also organize your desk somewhere else in the room. For example, you can include a wall-mounted shelf or some other things where you could actually build your own storage system but you can also free up the room.

A chalkboard wall can also be a fun space to decorate the sitting area for the kids. You can make it look like a gallery, get some funky frames, arrange all your books nicely and display them on the wall.

The dining room is not probably the most important room for storage but you can greatly benefit from it. If you have large bookcases or cabinets gather a lot of nicely arranged books, games and other things where everyone can sit comfortably and your dining room would look and feel more inviting.

Open shelves are wonderful space-savers. In the case of the dining room, you can use this strategy to maximize the space and to conceal certain elements. For example, a set of closed cabinets would cover a small portion of the wall, leaving the chairs open.

The wall that separates the living room from the kitchen or the dining room from the corridor remains empty. You can fill it with books and artwork. You can create all sorts of interesting combos and mix books and accessories whenever you see the need for such a combo.

A different idea would be to have a wall calendar which could be a storage and display system for things like small collectibles or framed photos and other things. If you use an app or a simple chalkboard, you can turn this into a multipurpose craft or bookcase. You can use it as a regular display where you can display all sorts of collectibles, planters and other items.

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