Italian Lamps By The Godfather

The Italian designer Gio Ponti’s house is an architectural wonder. The living room has no doubt about how high the ceiling can go. Everyone wants to have just a normal living room, but with all the furniture those inside will feel like crazy beings. With an astonishing ceiling and 8 beds, two dinning suits, four small kitchens and storage areas all in the same height the designer thought it would be a good idea to hide all the cables and wires. There everything is exposed so that the only interesting thing is lighting. My favorite object in the house are the sitting areas and the four headboards with lamps all over them.

The lights are probably the ones that caught my attention along many things , but it seems that lighting has been more important in the case of this interior design done by the godfather of modern things, too. If you see the complete home with a modern light design and you like a good free-handing can work, too, it is true.

The bookshelves are huge with those long rectangular transparent cables that go all the way to the ceiling and keep the books aloof, creating a nice play of lights and shadows. The bed is interesting due to its height and also to that double bed placed in a weird shape in order to support the headboard on one side and a bookcase on the other.

Italian Lamps By The Godfather Photo 4

A ceiling mounted bed serves perfectly for those artists that travel with a lot of cars. The color of the furniture and other details are perfect , but you can see some pieces that resemble some Chinese lanterns, by making them a part of the design. The windows look great and give a sense of stars being up there hanging in the air. If you are interested in finding out more about this restaurant you can check this blogs.ORGLEH.

Italian Lamps By The Godfather Photo 5

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