Interiors Of House From Jane Kim By Studio 101

For a small house the best option is usually the larger one. However, this time, with the advantages, the size of the house may be more important than any other. The advantage is usually the simplified interior, more modern look and the fact that the designer’s are not influenced by the rest of the house or from the person who created it.

The interior designed of this small summer cottage is filled with light and very comfortable. It has spacious rooms, bright colors and bright furniture. The white walls create the impression of a lighter décor, especially when it is in the most contrasted color.

Interiors Of House From Jane Kim By Studio 101 Photo 2

However, there are some contrasts that make the difference and it includes bright red walls in the living room an add a touch of personality and dynamic to it. Most of the furniture in there is a mix of vintage and modern, unusual and surprising.

Interiors Of House From Jane Kim By Studio 101 Photo 3

The cottage is painted in dark nuances and the pendant lamp above the wooden table seems to be an ingenious idea for an accent chair. There are used some very sophisticated and sophisticated objects that can’t go unnoticed, like the splendid chandelier above the dining room table or the beautiful laptop we found in the office corner.

Interiors Of House From Jane Kim By Studio 101 Photo 4

In the end, the main idea of this small summer cottage is to get out of the house, so the living room looks amazing and the kitchen is amazing. A little before the house , near the quiet place, there is a very old fish tank that looks more like the recreation area of the local Olympic32 runners and whiteboard team. A lot of there and around it were taken down.

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