Basement Mini Baroque By Antonio Lupi

Mini-trying to use the space in more positive way, in the case of a child, an unexpected element from the bottom of the attic became the main element of the room’s design. When decorating with kids in mind, the mini-trying to take advantage of the space can be frustrating because a number of things have happened during their time. First, the space didn’t look vernacular. Then the kids looked at the space and “acted” as a whole, much like with the wall art. And that, we have come to think of it, is a wonderful solution.

The Venice Loft by Antonio Lupi is an amazing transformation of a small space in Toronto’s Cultural District. What’s so special about this tiny duplex apartment is the tiny bit of creativity given by a few designers to turn it into a space full of clever and unique features. The project was launched in April 2018.

The main goal was to redesign a unit of a backyard paved en- sac in Our bitter Memory neighborhood, in an area mostly decorated in the recent few years. This tiny apartment was transformed into an edgier, edgier space by ingenious design teams entirely driven by the need to maximize space and create elegant and practical design features. They design the home in such a way that a family can grow and enjoy together. They also customized the layout of the interior rooms to make use of space that was previously wasted.

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The 33 square meter social area is dominated by a customized bank of cabinets and fixtures that also play the role of decorative elements. This layout helps to create a more even series of spaces, each with its own role and individuality, ranging from unique open shelves that reflect the owners collection of plants to a kitchen that blends gray tones with touches of blue. A series of indoor plants are used to take advantage of the master bedroom space which emphasizes the geometry and overall minimalism of the décor even more. The second floor houses the kids’ bedroom and the top floor is occupied by the master suite, a spacious and modular room with wood as its main material of choice.

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